$1,000,000 to $500,000,000

Let Cornerstone Capital Solutions experience be the guiding light for your corporate financing. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the business that is being acquired, so we can then leverage the existing assets of the business to structure the right financing for you.

Companies grow in two principal ways; organically or by merging with, or acquiring, other companies. Whether you want to raise capital for investment purposes or grow your business through merger or acquisition deals, BTG Advisory advice should be sought at every stage. We work proactively with acquisitive UK corporates seeking to achieve market consolidation or extension, as well as having contacts with listed and large privately-owned European and US groups targeting entry into the UK through acquisition.

Our team has in-depth experience and expertise to offer timely and strategic advice tailored to match your evolving business needs – from M&A to disposal planning and execution. We are particularly skilled in the area of mergers and acquisitions, providing partner-led support and guidance on purchase possibilities relying on our extensive cross-sector experience.

In the current marketplace we are working closely with a vast array of acquirers including investors, private equity, trade buyers and MBI candidates.

From the outset, we devise an acquisition strategy and look to answer the key question:  'How will purchasing this asset increase the value of your existing business?'

We advise investors every step of the way, building vector of growth projections and enabling a smooth deal flow by screening targets based on strict criteria, ensuring you invest and divest in the most efficient way possible.

Should external funding be required to complete the transaction, we will use our experience and extensive relationships with UK debt and equity providers to assist our clients in securing the right package. Our strong relationships with the UK’s leading financiers enable us to identify creative and appropriate funding solutions for a wide range of differing objectives.

Merging two companies isn't a simple process and requires rigorous analysis and consideration across a plethora of integration tasks. However, our experience is vast and our expertise is unparalleled with a team of consultants that grab a hold of the specifics from day one in order to maximise shareholder returns.

Our merger and acquisition team can advise you on a range of issues across the M&A spectrum, including but not limited to:

  • Acquisition support for corporate acquirers and private equity
  • Management teams looking at potential MBO/MBI deals through PE or debt finance

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