We provide purchase order funding for the import and export, or domestic production of pre-sold merchandise. Often, a company’s greatest challenge is not sales or production, but simply locating the financing to procure pre-sold merchandise.

Our areas of expertise include production finance for work in process and Letters of Credit for trade finance, including import and export transactions as well as domestic trade purchases. If you are a producer, distributor, wholesaler or reseller of manufactured products we can help you. Even if you are a start-up, have poor cash flow, or little access to capital we can help

The Benefits of Purchase Order Financing include the following:

  • Allows companies to grow without increased bank debt or selling equity
  • Helps ensure timely deliveries to customers
  • Increases market share
  • Allows companies to make larger profits by fulfilling larger orders
  • Fast flexible funding

Purchase Order Financing or PO Funding Gives You the Ability to Have Goods Available From Your Vendors to Fulfill Firm Purchase Orders From Your Customers Before Generating an Invoice.

If you are a product reseller or distributor and need capital to deliver a large purchase order, then purchase order financing can be a solution to fuel your business with the cash you need to deliver your orders and grow your business. PO financing enables you to make sales that exceed your current financial capabilities.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing WIP

  • Purchase order financing is not a loan
  • Purchase order funding pays your suppliers or gives them Payment Guarantees
  • PO financing allows you to take on bigger orders
  • PO funding can include credit protection and AR management/collections
  • You can also leverage our fulfillment and logistics expertise

WIP Funding is transaction driven. Meaning, newer companies can still receive PO funding even if they don’t meet conventional bank lending standards. We look at your margins, dilution, sales terms and creditworthiness of your end customer.

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